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Frequently Asked Questions


1. If we decide to enrol our kids in Madrasah, when and how do we start?

Generally, you can start when your child is turning 4 years old that year. You can start with letter recognition, penmanship and hands on activities to engage in fun learning so the child will look forward to deepen their knowledge. [Check out our activities in the MET Junior Programme]

2. Will my child need need Arabic tuition once they pass MET?

There is no one specific method to learning the Arabic language. Like any other language, it is about having strong foundations and structure, and through continuous learning, concepts will need to be reinforced on a consistent and regular basis to ensure retention. [Arabic Tuition link]

3. What is the Madrasah school system like?

The Madrasah education system can get quite hectic! With a holistic education being introduced, students need to keep up with both religious and secular subjects while maintaining character building in school! Thus it is important to stay focused at all the times!

4. In preparation for the Madrasah Entrance Test (MET), will my child need classes or can we prepare him/her ourselves?

Preparing for MET is the same as preparing for any examinations, the child will need to be equipped with both knowledge and skills.

Having MET preparatory classes will provide for a structured learning environment. It is also important that students continue revising outside the classes to reinforce whatever they have learned. [MET Warriors link]

5. What's the difference between secular and Madrasah education?

In the Madrasah education system, students will be introduced to holistic learning, covering both secular and religious subjects. In addition, there are also co-curricular activities (CCAs) and other school activities that enables character building. Thus, it is extremely important for students to develop their time management skills.