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Beyond the Books

OnelineMET is a program designed to prepare kids to sit for the Madrasah Entrance Test (MET) in 15 weeks. This program is conducted only ONLINE and students can enjoy classes at the comfort of their home. 

This programme offered up to 15 weeks.

Each lesson: 2 hours

Registration closes in Week 5.

Syllabus: Similar to MET Warriors Term 1 and Term 2

*Materials will be sent to you via emails.

Term dates:

November 2021:   21, 28
December 2021:   5, 12, 19
January 2022:      9, 16, 23, 30
February 2022:     6, 13, 20, 27
March 2022:          6, 13

Class timing: Sunday, 10am-12pm
Course Fee: $600
Materiasl Fee: $30
Location: Online (Zoom)



Term 1

Maths: Numbers (Numerals & Spelling), Concept of Addition/ Subtraction, Number Bonds

English: Sounds, Spelling, Blending, Consonant Blends

Malay: Huruf vokal, Suku kata terbuka, Kosa kata.

Arabic: Hijaiyyah Letter Recognition, Reading Hijaiyyah with diacritics, Surah and Du’a Memorisation.

Term 2

Maths: Comparison, Ordinal Numbers, Concept of Missing Link

English: Consonant Blends, Silent E, Vocabulary, Reading

Malay: Suku kata tertutup, Kosa kata, Prosedur kloz, Ejaan.

Arabic: Reading with tanwin and sukun, Naughty Letters, Separating Letters, Joining Letters, Vocabs, Surah dan Du’a, Arabic Spelling (Imla’)




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