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Beyond the Books

MET Champions is a program designed for kids who have passed their MET and are waiting to enter Primary 1. This is a program to head start the Primary 1 syllabus so that they don’t get overwhelmed by the curriculum in Primary school.

This programme offered up to 2 terms. Each term consists of 10 weeks.

Each lesson: 3 hours (Saturday 1:30pm – 4:30pm)

Registration closes in Term 1 week 5.

Term dates:

July  30 

August  6  13  20  27

September  3  10  17  24

October  1

October  15  22  29

November  5  12  19  26

December  3  10  17



Term 1

Maths: Addition & Subtraction, Complex Number bonds, Different type of problem solving, Heuristics

English: Nouns, Proper Noun, Countable and Uncountable Nouns, Pronouns, Singular and Plural Nouns, Irregular Nouns, Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs

Malay: Kata Nama, Kata Kerja, Kata Sendi Nama, Diagraf

Arabic: Masculine and Feminine, Demonstrative Pronouns (near), Colours (Feminine)

Term 2

Maths: Numbers (Tens/Ones), Length, Heuristics

English: Punctuation, Preposition, Comprehension, Concord, Conjunction, Vocabulary Cloze, Grammar Cloze

Malay: Kosa kata, Konsonan bergabung

Arabic: Vocabs, Presposition, Nouns, Verbs, Conjugations




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