MET Readers

Get The Best Out of Your Children With Phonics Classes at Future Khulafa!

Future Khulafa’s MET Readers in Singapore is a unique and comprehensive program focusing on English, Arabic, and Malay languages. Beginning with the essentials of reading and phonics, it guides students through to advanced reading levels with a tailored approach that adapts to each child’s pace. The program emphasizes compelling reading and spelling, is supported by skilled educators and passionate and experienced teachers, and is committed to fostering lifelong passion and success in reading. It is an innovative solution that transforms reading abilities while nurturing growth and curiosity in literature.

Why Join Our Future Khulafa Phonics Class?

Our Phonics Class offers more than just an education programme. It provides a chance to transform your child’s understanding of the English, Arabic, and Malay languages, making them fluent and proficient readers.

The MET Readers’ Phonics reading program is not just another class in school; it’s an exceptional reading service in Singapore that promises results. Here’s why:

Read and Spell Guaranteed

Our methodically designed phonics class in Singapore ensures each child can read and spell confidently. By focusing on the building blocks of language, we create a strong foundation that fosters lifelong literacy skills.

Recognize and Read 500 Words within 6 Sessions

Our engaging and interactive approach enables children to recognize letter sounds and read 500 words in a record time, empowering them with skills that set them apart from peers attending other classes in Singapore.

Read Thousands of Words Independently

Children can read thousands of words independently through continuous practice and guided learning. This enhances their reading comprehension skills and boosts their confidence, a crucial aspect of effective learning.

Correct Speech, Reading & Spelling Problems

Our specialized curriculum is individualized to identify and correct speech, reading, writing and spelling issues. We ensure children develop well-rounded, paying attention to areas that require improvement.

Improve Pronunciation & Memory

Pronunciation and memory play a vital role in language acquisition. Our unique techniques and engaging activities aim to sharpen these basic skills, setting your child toward academic success.

Small Group Learning

Unlike crowded classrooms, our focus on small-group learning ensures personalized attention. This teaching approach maximises each child’s potential, providing them with an intimate and compelling learning environment in Singapore.

Multilingual Exposure: English, Malay & Arabic

Our Phonics Classes offer instruction in English, Malay, and Arabic. This multilingual exposure enriches the child and teacher’s cognitive abilities and cultural awareness, offering our teachers an advantage that few other classes in Singapore provide.

How It Works: Your Child’s Path to Success with Future Khulafa’s Phonics Class

At Future Khulafa, we understand that every child’s learning journey is unique, and we’ve designed our Phonics Class in Singapore to ensure that each student’s path to success is smooth and fulfilling. Here’s how our program works:

Science-backed English Syllabus

Our phonics reading program isn’t just built on intuition and experience; it’s rooted in scientific research. By condensing our English syllabus into carefully planned 10-week sessions, we deliver a rigorous and comprehensive learning experience for young students. This targeted approach ensures that students grasp the core concepts of phonics and reading, promoting thorough understanding and mastery.

Builds Reading Confidence through Effective Phonics Instruction

Confidence is critical to effective learning, and our program is meticulously designed to boost your child’s confidence in reading. Through carefully structured lessons, interactive exercises, and individualized support, our Phonics Class in Singapore reading programme provides children with the tools, social skills, and techniques they need to become confident readers. We go beyond mere instruction; we inspire confidence.

Fosters a Love for Storytelling and Reading

Reading is more than a skill; it’s a lifelong passion. Our program doesn’t just teach children how to read; it inspires them to love reading. Through engaging storytelling sessions, fun interactive games, and a wide selection of thought-provoking books, we instil a love for reading that transcends the classroom and becomes a lifelong habit. We transform reading from a task into a joy.

Convenience in Language Learning

Understanding the busy schedules of modern families, we’ve designed our program to offer maximum convenience. With our Phonics Class, you help your child learn and can access instruction in three languages – English, Arabic, and Malay – all at one location. This streamlined approach simplifies logistics and ensures your child can learn multiple languages without travel or hassle.

A Competitive Edge Through Comprehensive Preparation

In today’s competitive academic landscape, staying ahead is crucial. Our Phonics Class doesn’t just teach reading; it prepares your child for success in all reading and creative writing-related subjects before the MET. This focused preparation ensures that your child has a solid foundation and a competitive edge, setting them apart from their peers and positioning them for success.

Phonics Class Schedule and Logistics: Transformative Learning Every Sunday

Your child’s journey to success begins here. Join us every Sunday from 2-4 pm at our specially designed learning centre. Here, your child will embark on a transformative journey through our Phonics Classes, engaging with our science-backed curriculum and world-class instructors. Our scheduled enrichment classes are thoughtfully planned to fit into your busy weekend, making it convenient for you and enriching for your child.

Success Stories and Case Studies: A Testament to Excellence

Hear from the satisfied parents and successful students who have been part of our Phonics Classes in Singapore: (Insert client’s testimonials here. These narratives of our students learning remarkable progress and satisfaction showcase our success and our program’s life-changing impact on our student’s young learners.)

Ready To Secure Your Child’s Spot? Act Now and Shape Their Future

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to ensure your child’s academic success. Our unique, engaging, and interactive Phonics Classes in Singapore are more than a learning program; they are a strategic path to your child’s future success. Seats are limited, and our classes fill quickly. Take decisive action today and give your child the edge they deserve.

Still, Have Questions? We Have Comprehensive Answers!

Is Phonics Class Necessary?

Absolutely! Phonics classes aren’t just an option; they are an essential building block in your child’s education. Our classes go beyond mere instruction by offering kids a structured, scientifically-proven way to improve their reading and spelling abilities. They enhance language comprehension, vocabulary, and cognitive skills, providing a solid foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.

What Measures Are Taken to Ensure the Safety of My Child?

At Future Khulafa, we don’t just care about your child excellence an education; we prioritize your child’s safety. Our commitment to well-being means we adhere to stringent safety protocols. Our class sizes are intentionally kept small for personalized attention and increased security. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, including surveillance cameras and emergency equipment, and our staff is trained in safety procedures. We conduct regular safety drills and maintain open communication with parents, all to create a secure learning environment for your child.