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Terms & Conditions for Mock Tests

Updated: 9 October 2021

The Mock Tests are provided by Future Khulafa (“we”, “us” or “our”) and are conducted at T-Space Tampines #09-36 (“Centre”).


Registration must be done online via submission of a registration form. Preferred sessions must be indicated during registration.

Registration is only confirmed upon full payment for the selected test session(s). Attendance will only be permitted for sessions which have been confirmed by us in writing.

All personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2021 (“PDPA”). Please refer to our PDPA notice for further details.

During registration, we will collect the following information:

  1. Full name of at least one parent
  2. Full name of child to be registered
  3. Child’s gender and date of birth
  4. Contact information (mobile number and email address)

There is strictly no reservation of any test session. We reserve the right to release the session(s) which have not been confirmed within 7 days of receiving the payment advice.

Multiple registrations may be submitted as desired, but only one child is permitted for each registration. Please submit separate registrations for each child.


Cancellation of any particular confirmed test session must be made to us in writing at least 3 days before the date of the test session.

Upon cancellation, the child’s place for that particular test session will be released immediately.


There is strictly no make-up or replacements for sessions missed by the student for any reason, which includes absence due to medical reason/check-up/vaccination, stay-home notice, quarantine/isolation order, preschool/school events, birthday parties, family events, wedding events, travelling or any other personal reasons.

There is no refund, pro-ration or carrying-forward of fees paid for sessions missed for any reason. This is because the child’s place in the class has been reserved for the session upon confirmation, and our obligations to conduct sessions to the rest of the attendees continue to be fulfilled.


A) No Admittance Except Staff in the Centre

To ensure safety of our students and the cleanliness of our premises, only the registered student is allowed inside the centre. No other persons, including accompanying parents or siblings, may be allowed except with our explicit written permission.

B) Health

It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor the health of their child. If the child or his/her family members are unwell that day, we ask that the child not attend the session.

For the well-being of all children in the Centre, we will conduct temperature checks upon attendance taking. If the child’s temperature is at or above 37.5°C or found to be unwell and not deemed to be fit to attend the session, we shall reserve the right to refuse entry into the centre or to ask to leave the lesson immediately.

No make-up session will be offered as it is everyone’s social responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all.

For general hygiene purposes, students must wear socks and masks within the centre’s premises at all times.

C) Class Behaviour

For the benefit of all other children attending the test session, any child found to be disruptive during the session shall be asked to step out of the classroom until the child is calm enough to resume the session.

As the Centre is not responsible for the behaviour of any child in class, there is no make-up or compensation for any child missing part or even the entire session for any behavioural reason, such as not being able to enter the classroom or being disruptive and asked to leave the classroom.

D) Copyright & Privacy

Strictly no electronic recording of lessons or photo taking in any format is allowed at all times during lessons and within the centre’s premises because of copyright issues and privacy concerns of other parents/children and staff.

The Centre reserves all rights on the lesson materials. No copying, reproduction and resale of any materials is allowed.

E) Punctuality

Test sessions will commence punctually at the scheduled session time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled test session time for your child to settle into the classroom environment.

As the Centre is not responsible for any child’s punctuality, there is no compensation for missing part of the session due to turning up late.

The child must be picked up on time at the end of the session. A late fee of $10 per block of 10 minutes may apply for picking up the child late. We are not responsible for looking after the child after the test session has ended.

F) Food & Drinks

There is strictly no food and drink, except plain drinking water, permitted during test sessions in the classrooms and in the premises of the Centre at all times.

G) General Behaviour

We will not condone any form of physical or verbal abuse or harmful action from any person towards any other person within our Centre, including all children, parents and our staff.

Should any incident come to our attention which we feel does not adhere to our centre values, we reserve the right to request those involved to leave the premises immediately, terminate the enrolment or lodge a police report.


For refunds due to cancellation from a confirmed test session, we require a written request to us with at least 3 days notice.

For cancellation requests made more than 3 days before a test session, a full refund will be made. No refunds if the request is made 3 days or less before the test session.

There shall be no refunds or carrying forward to another date due to missed test sessions or late cancellations.


There is strictly no deferment of test session(s) after confirmation, or after the test session has concluded.


There is generally no change of lesson day/timing after a test session has been confirmed.

Requests to change the day/timing of a test session can only be made to us in writing at least 3 days before the confirmed test date, and is subject to availability.

If no suitable alternative date/time is found, cancellation can be made 3 days before the confirmed test date.


There is strictly no transfer of one child’s place to another child after a test session has been confirmed.

There is strictly no sharing of the same single slot between twins or 2 or more different children.


In situations where there should be a Circuit Breaker, mandatory closure of the Centre or suspension of lessons by the authorities, we will suspend affected test sessions and arrange for an alternative timing.

The Centre reserves the right to revise the schedule for test sessions due to mandatory closure or suspension of activities at the Centre.


The Centre will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss or property, or other damage that may be caused to, or suffered or sustained by the child and/or parent/guardian during their time in the Centre, or in the immediate vicinity.


The Centre reserves the right to amend the fees and term structure or any of the above Terms & Conditions from time to time as deemed appropriate.


You consent to the Centre using you and/or your child’s work, photographs, audio/visual recordings and other material for internal quality checks, internal training and publicity purposes, including in print and online, whether during the course of your child’s enrolment with the Centre or thereafter.

You can inform the Centre upon registration that you do not consent to you and/or your child’s work, photographs, audio/visual recordings and other material taken in the centre to be used for publicity purposes.


Submission of registration in and subsequent payment made for one or more Mock Test sessions indicate acceptance of all the above Terms & Conditions.

Any request for concession and/or to deviate from the above Terms & Conditions will not be entertained or responded to.

Please contact us at hello@futurekhulafa.com with any inquiries.

Future Khulafa | Terms & Conditions for Mock Test | Version 2 (9 October 2021)




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